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Day-scholars are required to deposit their quarterly fee at the local Union Bank of India Gita Niketan Branch through local cheques from 4th to 10th of July, Oct & Jan. after which a fine of `20/- will be charged upto 15th date further increasable to `50/-. However if the fee is not deposited till 20th of the month, the student's name shall be struck off. Readmission can be sought on payment of `200/-in addition to other charges.

A fine of `5/-. per day shall be charged on being absent from the school without sanctioned leave. If a student remains absent for six days, his name will automatically be struck off. Re-admission can be sought on payment of a fine of `200/-. Furthermore, if a student remains absent for four times in a month his-her parents will have to come to school in person to assure of their ward's regularity in future.

For obtaining leave for more than one day, parents are required to get the leave application sanctioned in-person by the wing-incharges.

If a student remains absent in Unit Tests as well as in Terminal Exam without permission, he/she will be awarded Zero Mark. Re-examination will not be conducted in any case.

90% attendance is compulsory for appearing in annual exams.

Special fine will be levied for being absent without prior permission on particular occasions or during the period especially important from learning point of view.

A fee of `50 will be charged for issuing duplicate copy of school leaving certificate, report card and character certificate etc.

Visitors are requested first to contact the receptionist before meeting the Principal, respective co-ordinators or teachers. They are requested not to go straight to them and thereby cause inconvenience.

A 30% concession in the tuition fee is granted to the wards of school employees.

Cases of orphan children or without proper means of support, will separately be considered for fee concession. Such candidates should put forth their requests on the prescribed forms.

Students are allowed to participate in sports activities organized only by Vidya Bharti/Govt. and players are supposed to abide by the rules set by the school.

Students are not permitted to bring automobiles in the school without driving licence.

Carrying mobile phone to school premises is not permitted.

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