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Applications requesting for switching to day-schooling by resident students are not entertained during midsession.

The boarders are not allowed to go home except during holidays mentioned in the school calendar.

Parents and guardians can meet their wards on the Last Sunday of each month from 10.00 am to 4:00 pm. No other persons except those two whose identifications as parents/guardians match the school records, shall be allowed to meet the respective wards.

Talking to the children on school phones shall be permitted only on Sundays. Calling on phone at a time other than that will only cause disappointment. Mobile phone is not allowed on the school premises.

Parents/Guardians must not send any requests for granting leave to their wards to attend every festival or celebration of various kinds as such requests are not entertained.

Parents/Guardians must contact the authorities before meeting their wards. They must not, in any case, try to enter the dormitories.

Parents are requested not to give any kind of eatables, cash or valuables like jewellery, electronic items etc. for their wards.

Parents should keep an eye on their ward's personal account and if need be, additional money should be deposited into it.

No leave will be sanctioned to the boarding students for joining any short term courses / classes / tests conducted by external agencies.

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